The Brass Seal, Episode 1D is Finally up, and just before the new year like I promised.

2008-12-31 02:33:54 by punbeard81

Hey, Remember the Brass Seal From like a year ago? Well, the next episode is finally out, and if you thought episode three was good, you gotta check out number 4. A year in the making (ok, so I sorta moved and didn't really work on it for like 7 months) but hands down it's the hottest, longest, youngest, sexiest, Brass Seal to date. If you like guns, making fun of cop dramas, and potty mouth you, as the French say ,"Gotta get all up ons." It's got violence too. More people die in this episode than ever before. So feed your boner-jones for old fashioned traditional animation, and eat it too, as it collides with the sexy sleek look of Flash.

Check it out slice-dawg
The Brass Seal Episode 1D

Thanks, and if you get a chance, let me know what you think.

Dave Jablonski


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