Brass seal 4 delayed some more

2007-12-24 10:27:48 by punbeard81

Sorry guys, between work, animation for other people, and meeting a hot girl, I've found very little time to work on the 4th episode. It's not much of a consolation, but if you click on episode 1d of the brass seal main menu on my site, you can see my christmas card. It looks pretty.

Pippy Christmas,



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2007-12-26 20:58:14

aww... oh well...I'm not here because of a daily feature... I was wondering AT FIRST I thought the brass seal would eb some crappy show (hence something like mine) I checked, when it got an awesome score I checked it out (yea newgrounds is like that dont worry I'll be fiving them :D) it was very nice, who knew? :D


2008-06-06 13:03:19

i seeed your filmed, niced doned


2008-06-06 15:56:25

Good work on the Metal Gear short!


2008-11-27 10:59:26

Wow dude, in a month this News post will be a year old. You still with the hot chick?